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eng. Ştefan Marin, eng. Dan Iancu, eng. Gabriel Florea, eng. Cătălina Bucurici


This article aims to simultaneously present the provisions of the design codes in
seismic zones of structures with reinforced concrete shear walls and to highlight the qualitative and quantitative differences
of the design philosophies contained in these codes. The comparative study
includes the Romanian design codes for structures with RC shear walls
in seismic zones P100-1/2013 together with CR2-1-1.1/2013, the European norms package
EN1998-1/2006 together with EN1992-1-1/2006 and the American standard
ACI318-14. The comparison follows the provisions regarding the behavior of RC shear-walled structures,
determination of design forces, minimum constructive geometry for the RC section,
minimum constructive reinforcement for RC shear walls
and the determination of their capacity.