DI&A Design, Consulting S.R.L. was founded in 2012 as a start-up focusing on the structural design field. Since then, the company has continuously grown by raising the technical level and the volume of developed projects, thus becoming an important partner in the sector of structure design for construction. The team provides design services and consultancy in the field of structural design for buildings and their infrastructure. The engine of the company is the drive to find technical solutions for any design theme.

The challenge is what drives the team towards “out of the box” approaches and special solutions, examples of which are having suspended a historical monument building in order to be able to build two basements under it, or having turned to “cutting edge” solutions by equipping buildings with seismic isolators or other devices for dissipating seismic energy.

We eagerly approach any type of structure made from traditional materials, such as masonry and wood to modern concrete materials, metal.

Why choose DI&A Design, Consulting S.R.L.

Reasons why you could work with us.

We are serious, punctual, and inventive!

We can meet tight deadlines!

We work well as a team!

We are oriented towards the client’s requirements!

We have experience in all subareas of civil engineering!

We design using all materials present on the market!

We work with large and small clients!

We can provide referrals!

We can cover the structural design and structure verification, but we can also bring to the project a complete design team covering all specialties.

Committed to continuous learning, the team members attend field-specific training courses sponsored by the company for topics of engineering or structural design software training.


Eng. Dan Iancu

Deputy Director

Eng. Ștefan Marin

Technical Director

Eng. Gabriel Florea


Eng. Diana Florea


Eng. Dragoș Knappe


Eng. Cătălina Ilie


Eng. Marian Cîrstea


Eng. Emanuela Popa


Eng. Valentin Coman


Eng. Vlad Anghel


Eng. Andreea Ciuculete

Office Assistant

Mrs. Cristina Petrache

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